Liam in Johnstone workshopWhat is Radical Improv?

Radical Improv is a combination of two things I personally derived a lot of benefit from: Acting Improvisation and Radical Honesty. It just seemed like a natural combination, and people have been responding very favorably!

What kind of people go to Radical Improv workshops?

Some people with acting experience and some total beginners.  I've done groups with all ages, including children, but most are in the 20-45 age range.
I think the thing most Radical Improvisors have in common is a willingness to take a risk.  Many have already had experience in various personal growth modalities, and are looking for something a bit more challenging.  Others are just embarking on the journey of personal transformation. 

Where did you learn Radical Improv?

I created Radical Improv as a vehicle for sharing what I have learned over years of study and experimentation in relating and communicating.
My teachers and mentors include

  • Brad Blanton (Radical Honesty)
  • Susan Campbell (Getting Real)
  • Christine Price (Gestalt Awareness Practice)
  • Keith Johnstone (Impro)
  • Paula Shaw (The Max)
  • Rob Reece (Rob Reece Actors Studio)


How can I find out more?

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to get in touch.  I must say that Radial Improv is experiential.  So talking about it is not the same as doing it!

What is a Radical Improv workshop like?

It depends.  Shorter evening introductions tend to emphasize playful interaction and games.  More intensive workshops create a safe container allowing us to explore how we relate to one another, where we stop ourselves, and new ways of communicating our truths.  There is a minimum of didactic instruction, with most of the time spent in dyads, small groups or on stage.

Our agreements are simple: Tell the truth, Stay in the conversation, and Be open to considering alternative viewpoints.

What if I'm afraid of being on stage?

No problem!  Almost everyone, including actors, gets nervous.  What would it be like to be on stage and experience that nervousness as excitement?  The point is, whatever you are experiencing is okay, and this might be a great way to discover a you that loves being the center of attention.

Is Radical Improv safe?

No!  Radical Improv is about challenging our assumptions about who we are and what we are capable of.  It wouldn't work if it weren't a little risky.  However, no one is ever forced to do something they aren't willing to do voluntarily.  It's about taking responsibility for oneself and one's experience.

What People Are Saying

    "I got to be very vulnerable about my truth – I got to step out of lies to self and lies to others in order to act authentically."

    — Workshop participant

    "Liam uses the tools of Radical Honesty and the playfulness of improv to challenge participants to move beyond their comfort zones and open themselves to a new level of experience."

    — Workshop participant

    "Radical Improv – improv that can change your life through radical truth telling, curiosity, and the opportunity to express the range of human emotion and experience."

    -- Workshop participant

     “ Discussion and acting exercises created a safe container for my attempts at self expression. I felt vulnerable at times, but the group held a safe boundary for me to go deeper inside. Liam’s gentle guidance and integrity helped me navigate the confusing waters of my own self. He is a gifted facilitator who urges participants into scary and intense situations while maintaining compassion and appreciation for their experiences. ”

    — KN, Mountain View, CA

    “ Radical Improv is a provocative and endlessly inventive way of accessing personal truth and learning responsible communication in a spirit of honesty, respect and play. ”

    — GH, Richmond, CA


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