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We play with each other and explore our edges — where do we stop ourselves, where do we go blank, where do we have difficulty staying present?  How do we tell the truth and remain in the conversation? If you want to feel more alive, take more risks, and create more intimate connections in your life come to Radical Improv!   

Radical Improv creates a present-centered context for community and communication.  Using a variety of improvisational games and awareness exercises, Radical Improv provides a means to get in touch with our authentic thoughts and feelings, and a stage on which to express them.    What makes Radical Improv radical is its emphasis on this deeper level of truth, which is present beneath the surface, but too often remains unexpressed. Radical Improv also deals with the connection between Somatic Awareness and Semantic Awareness — that is, what we are experiencing, and how we communicate about it.  Ideally we are open to whatever creative impulses arise and allow them to flow through us and out into the world.  But how often do we really do that?  Much more common is to censor and abridge our authentic impulses, to make them socially acceptable, polite and safe.  In short, to create an inauthentic representation of ourselves through which we interact with others.  

Radical Improv is designed to short-circuit these "modifications of the mind." Radical Improv is not about performance or being entertaining.  It's a thoroughgoing exploration of all the ways we avoid expressing the truth of the present moment.  This is deep work, and holds out the possibility of profound, life-enriching change -- to those with the courage to risk.  Does that sound fun?  Personally, I couldn't think of anything more exciting, and that's why I created Radical Improv.

Read a little bit more about the three basic agreements we use in Radical Improv workshops.

Recommended reading: Impro by Keith Johnstone

Radical Honesty

Radical Honesty is not what you think -- it's what you do.  It's a practice.

The premise is that we create more intimacy and connection in our lives when we tell the truth.  People who do Radical  Honesty discover a community of intimate friends who are creating a revolution in consciousness through direct, open and honest conversation; people who are committed to hearing your truth — and sharing theirs.

In this workshop we move from honesty as simply a "good idea" to actually being honest with each other.  That means telling each other what we really think and really feel, and what we've done or plan to do.

The practice of Radical Honesty is based on the work and writings of Dr. Brad Blanton, a psychologist who found that the best way to reduce stress, make life work, and heal the past is to tell the truth.

Recommended reading: Radical Honesty by Dr. Brad Blanton

Radical Relating

Honest Dating Cartoon

Diving deeper into interpersonal dynamics, we apply our improv skills to exploring sex, love, intimacy and romance.  First, we take a look at our social conditioning, the roles we play and our conscious and unconscious motivations.  As we bring more awareness to habitual modes of relating, we create the possibility of making other choices.  This is also an opportunity to engage with other men and women in a supportive context of honesty and transparency.  The emphasis is on the experiential.  There will be time to experiment, to fail (Yay!) and to learn from each other.

Recommended reading: Why Men Are The Way They Are by Warren Farrell, Ph.D

Radical Power

In improvisation there is a concept called "status" which refers, not to social status, but to the things we do from moment to moment to raise or lower our standing relative to others.  Most of the time we are only vaguely aware of these subtle power dynamics, which are actually quite pervasive.  In Radical Power, we get to explore and expose our unconscious status behaviors and preferred status -- and, of course, practice new status behaviors.  The best players are the ones who can most easily adapt to the context they find themselves in, whether it calls for high or low status.  We'll also look at how power gets expressed differently by men and women.

Recommended reading: Impro by Keith Johnstone 

What People Are Saying

    "I got to be very vulnerable about my truth – I got to step out of lies to self and lies to others in order to act authentically."

    — Workshop participant

    "Liam uses the tools of Radical Honesty and the playfulness of improv to challenge participants to move beyond their comfort zones and open themselves to a new level of experience."

    — Workshop participant

    "Radical Improv – improv that can change your life through radical truth telling, curiosity, and the opportunity to express the range of human emotion and experience."

    -- Workshop participant

     “ Discussion and acting exercises created a safe container for my attempts at self expression. I felt vulnerable at times, but the group held a safe boundary for me to go deeper inside. Liam’s gentle guidance and integrity helped me navigate the confusing waters of my own self. He is a gifted facilitator who urges participants into scary and intense situations while maintaining compassion and appreciation for their experiences. ”

    — KN, Mountain View, CA

    “ Radical Improv is a provocative and endlessly inventive way of accessing personal truth and learning responsible communication in a spirit of honesty, respect and play. ”

    — GH, Richmond, CA


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